Stadium Information

Stadium Information
Stadium Information

On a matchday all stadia will open 3 hours before kick off. Most will have barcode readers to detect forged tickets and will have the customary three cordon security check on approach to the ground. There is some debate as to whether supporters will be allowed access to the stadium to hang flags and then be allowed back out again before kick off, however, most are hoping to allow this but nevertheless it is worth checking with stadium officials on the day of the game. Most stadia have places to hang flags, but any found covering the official sponsors’ boards will be removed. See the stadium pages of each host city for stadium-specific information.

Much has been made about checking names on tickets against supporters entering the stadium, however, we all appreciate that checking 40,000 supporters identity against 40,000 tickets is not feasible. The idea has been mooted about at every tournament since France ’98 and has yet to materialise. They will be carrying out random checks, however, so it is worth making sure that you have some identity with you just in case you are one of the ‘random’ ones.

Your match ticket also includes free public transport on matchday in the host city. For further details, you should check the conditions on your ticket.

– FIFA Arrangements & Ticketing

FIFA are currently looking at ways to improve common ticketing problems, such as introducing a way of returning and reselling tickets to benefit supporters who cannot attend games or whose teams get knocked out in the early stages. At the time of writing, the FSF are in discussions with FIFA about setting up a system to allow the replacement of lost or stolen tickets and as soon as plans are finalised, details will be posted here. Whilst there is no guarantee that this will happen, it is worth recording your ticket details and keeping evidence of your payments just in case. Tickets issued by national associations are unlikely to be replaced.

Ticket touting is a criminal offence in Germany and new security measures at each stadium including state of the art barcode readers should make getting in to the ground with forged tickets difficult. There will, undoubtedly, be tickets available for sale on the black-market, but you should be aware that you have no protection if a ticket you buy is forged and you are refused entry to the ground.

– Official Fans’ Embassy

The German equivalent of the Football Supporters Federation, the KOS, have organised to have at least one official fans embassy in each host city around matchdays to help and advise visiting supporters. If you need any information or require any assistance, they will be able to give you the low-down on the city and will also have leaflets and maps available to help you find your way around.

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