Biggest news on the World Cup front this week is… the launch of this website! Produced by the Football Supporters’ Federation, it conveys all the information compiled by the FSF’s Fans’ Embassy service.

The Fans’ Embassy service is uniquely placed to bring you the most comprehensive World Cup information. The FSF despatched England fans to each of the 12 German host cities to research at first hand all the stuff you’re likely to need to know. Our links through the Football Supporters International network mean we have unrivalled contacts throughout Germany – and indeed other European countries – to keep that information updated and answer questions that anyone may come up with.

The work of the Fans’ Embassy also brings us into close contact with both British and foreign government and policing agencies, tournament organisers and host city authorities, which means that we get access to all kinds of other information that fans may find useful.

And here at this website, the old Fans’ Embassy motto also holds true: if there’s something we don’t know, we usually know how to find out. So make use of the offer – if you have any information you need to know but can’t find on the site, email your question to

As the weeks go by till the end of the tournament, we’ll bring you all the news we get, as we get it – so watch this space!

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